Learning Management Software Features

Features that streamline and enhance employee training program compliance

Course Creation

Utilize either our intuitive drag-and-drop course creator or access our comprehensive course library to develop training courses effortlessly

Self Learning

The Self Learning feature enables employees to finish the assigned training at their preferred pace and convenience without direct instruction or guidance from a teacher or trainer.

Group Learning

The Group Learning feature enables collaborative and interactive learning experiences, enabling learners to engage, share knowledge, and collaborate within a group setting.

Training Skill Matrix

Gain oversight of employee skills and competencies with a training skill matrix presenting a visual representation of their training progress and capabilities.

Onboarding Training

Ensure new employees receive essential training and skills to seamlessly integrate into their roles and the organization’s culture through self onboarding training.

Refresher Training

Refresher Training provides existing employees with updated knowledge and skills, reinforcing their expertise and ensuring they stay current in their roles.

Dashboard and Reporting

Obtain valuable insights into employees’ learning progress using our integrated dashboard and customized reporting features.


Efficiently schedule your hiring and refresher training while ensuring compliance with training requirements.

Training Library

Our Training Library offers a comprehensive collection of learning resources and courses, across various industries for various roles and job descriptions.

How Smart Training Works

Six easy steps to transition from conventional classroom training to digital learning.

1. Create Course

Create course content using our intuitive interface, where you can drag and drop elements, or take advantage of our vast library of pre-designed training materials.

2. Add Course Settings

Customize the course settings such as course duration, QA settings and refresher frequency requirements for the course completion process.

3. Schedule training

Schedule training efficiently to enable planning, coordination, and management of training sessions for learners.

4. Launch Training

Employees initiate and follow the course completion requirements as required by the schedule

5. Training Evaluation

The reviewer reviews the course and QA response and grades the course as required by the course setting and workflow.

6. Monitor Training Skill Matrix

Monitor Training Skill Matrix to track and assess learners' progress and competencies, facilitating data-driven decisions and personalized development plans.

Download Now

Smart Training app helps to conduct as well as participate in Corporate training assigned to users. Skill matrix and course assessment can be accessed via the Training Log section. Download our free app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store by clicking the link here.


Our products in our customers' words

Helping customer to succeed by offering our food safety and quality management software solution. 

Jasper Wyman & Son

" We have found the software to be very user friendly and intuitive which makes implementation and acceptance by users much easier. Their service and support are one of the best. Rather than chatting with a “chat-bot”, you get to talk with a real person who responds in a timely manner "

Jasper Wyman & Son

Jasper Wyman & Son

Shannon Fickett , Director of Quality Assurance
Formagerie Roy

"Works like a charm. All the team are very happy to work with. It is easy to use for the production employee and it reduce the time for the verification and control by 30% for the quality control manager. The team of Smartfoodsafe are professional and the support is very quick"

Formagerie Roy

Formagerie Roy

Bruno Roy , Owner
Rogers Poultry Co.

“Smart Food Safe has given our small family run company the ability to expand and grow by taking our Food Safety to the next level. With customers making the push for GSFI certifications, we were lost in the huge requirements to keep our GSFI Food Safety plan up to date."

Rogers Poultry Co.

Rogers Poultry Co.

Brett Butler, GFSI and HACCP Coordinator
IE Hospitality and Dry Storage Mill

"SmartFoodSafe is obviously a food safety app built by someone with extensive experience in the food safety industry. The software is intuitive and extremely flexible and has been a great match for our business even though we are using it for both food manufacturing and restaurant applications."

IE Hospitality and Dry Storage Mill

IE Hospitality and Dry Storage Mill

Mara King, Mill General Manager

" The simplicity of the software combined with the outstanding customer service experience has significantly enhanced our organization of SQF documents while streamlining the entire auditing process. The Smart Food Safe software is an instant success for us "



Emily Kornell, Quality Assurance Coordinator

"Smart Food Safe has brought my food safety program into the digital world. The full support you need to create, manage, and thrive with your food safety program. This software is the future of food safety programs."



Kieran McKeown ,General Manager
Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd

"We are users of LIMS developed by SMART FOOD Safe. It is a good software to meet all the expectation of Analytical Research Laboratory."

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Som Singh, General Manager Technical
Gidney Fisheries

“Smartfoodsafe and our company representative interacted at Boston Seafood Show. While I was doing my market research for the product which best suits our business requirements, I had a meeting with Prasant and Thomas where they provided demos for all the modules on their website."

Gidney Fisheries

Gidney Fisheries

Chandan Sharma, Quality Control Manager
Tippin’s Gourmet Pies, LLC

"We chose SmartFoodSafe over other systems because of the variety of modules available that allow us to streamline and digitize our Food Safety and Quality Management system as a whole. The platform is built with an auditor mindset and incorporates functions that would usually require additional programs and/or systems."

Tippin’s Gourmet Pies, LLC

Tippin’s Gourmet Pies, LLC

Morgan Baker, Food Safety and Quality Manager

‘’ They have consistently been timely with all testing we have sent them, but most importantly, the service and knowledge they provide has been exceptional compared to other laboratories, as well as providing solutions to unexpected problems. Smart Lab Application has had many improvements over this time, making sample requests simple and the ability to track the workflow greatly assists us in planning downstream activities’’



Ronaldo Ramsingh, Quality Assurance Person
Cozy Harbor Seafood Inc.

"We opted to go with the Smart Food Safe platform after researching multiple food safety platforms. Prasant and the onboarding team have been very responsive, and we are excited to get the system up and fully running."

Cozy Harbor Seafood Inc.

Cozy Harbor Seafood Inc.

Kevin Burnsteel, Quality Assurance Manager
Daboom Desserts

"The support team is responsive, knowledgeable and efficient in assisting us whenever we have reached out for assistance. As a GFSI certified company our experience to this point has been very positive, and we highly recommend Smart Food Safe for anyone looking for a straightforward, comprehensive food safety software."

Daboom Desserts

Daboom Desserts

Gavin Grant, Owner
Shogun Maitake Canada Co. Ltd.

"Before this system, we used to spend a lot of time preparing and organizing a huge amount of documents for every SQF audit. This system has not only reduced our work but has also made it much easier to manage our HACCP, GMP, and SOPs. I would recommend this system to any company with SQF."

Shogun Maitake Canada Co. Ltd.

Shogun Maitake Canada Co. Ltd.

Norimi Sakamoto, Director


Frequently Asked Questions

What is training management software?

Training management software is a specialized platform designed to streamline and automate various aspects of training and learning management. It helps organizations create, deliver, track, and manage training programs for employees, customers, partners, or any other stakeholders.

What is employee training management software?

Employee training management software is a specialized platform that streamlines and automates the process of creating, delivering, and tracking training programs for employees. It simplifies course management, enrollment, progress tracking, and reporting, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of training initiatives.

How to create a course using Smart Training Software?

One can create a course either using drag and drop features or from the training library. You can add questions, test papers, videos, infographics and other resources in a course to make the training powerful and effective.

How does group learning work?

A trainer and a group of trainees are assigned to the group learning on a scheduled date and time. The trainer conducts the training and collects trainee responses as the training continues through interactive Q/A configured to the course. At the end of the training, trainee feedback is evaluated to generate training completion log, training certificate and gets updated to the skill matrix.

How much it cost to have the subscription of the Smart Training?

Our transparent and affordable licensing fee helps companies of any size to get started with Smart Training. The cost benefits of increase in employee productivity with proper training outweighs the subscription cost.

What does learning management software do?

Learning management software (LMS) centralizes and automates the management of online learning and training programs. It enables course creation, content delivery, learner enrollment, progress tracking, assessments, reporting, and collaboration, fostering a more efficient and engaging learning experience for users.

What to look for when choosing an LMS?

When choosing an LMS, consider essential factors like scalability, user-friendliness, feature set (course creation, tracking, reporting), mobile compatibility, integration capabilities, security measures, customer support, and cost-effectiveness to ensure it meets your organization's training needs.

What is Self Learning and how does it complete a self learning training?

With the self learning feature, training is assigned to a user in the application. The user gets notified and launches the course to complete at his/her comfort and pace.

What is the difference between LMS and TMS?

TMS (Training Management Software) focuses on organizing and administering training activities, while LMS (Learning Management System) is designed for delivering and managing online learning content and tracking learner progress. TMS handles logistics, enrollment, and reporting, while LMS focuses on e-learning content and assessments.

How do I get started with the Smart Training Module?

Connect us to get started with your digital transformation of the training module in a week time or less.

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