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Course Management

Develop a training course from scratch or by using our pre-built course library and manage the created course by configuring the course settings as required for a contemporary learning experience

Layout Templates

Devise course layout templates using our drag-and-drop course creator to add elements, components, and Q/A

Doc Integration

Create, upload, and link documents like PPT, PDF, and Excel, required for creating course templates

Training Library

Choose from the existing course library to design professional, ready-to-use, and customizable courses


Implement integrated knowledge assessment for each training by incorporating Q/A sections

Training Program

Training Program

Create training programs by grouping a number of courses together with the objective of easily organizing and delivering designated learning paths to each learner or group

Group of Courses

Create course bundles by grouping individual courses as a training program

Performance Evaluation

Training completion follows the performance evaluation of the trainee for each training program

Schedule Training

Stay ahead of training compliance requirements by scheduling training programs

Training Records

Launch training programs by creating training records using created training templates

Course Settings

Configure and customize the training delivery with course setting options like course duration, grading criteria, completion certificates, and other course-specific features to tailor the learning experience

In course QA

Integrate Q&A for knowledge testing within the specific course to measure student understanding and progress

Mandatory & Optional QA

Assign mandatory or optional QA depending on whether the learners are required to complete them as part of their coursework or not.

Graded & Non-Graded Assessment

Employ graded assessment for assigning numerical scores or grades to measure the learner’s performance or non-graded assessment options

Refresher Settings

Configure retaining need and frequency as per the organizational needs

Self and Group Learning

Upskill your employees’ knowledge through group learning features that facilitate collaborative learning experiences and knowledge sharing among individuals within the organization

Assigning Trainer and Reviewer

Designate individuals who will review and provide instruction and feedback to learners for a particular course or learning module

Onboarding and Refresher Training

Provide initial orientation and ongoing training sessions to introduce new employees or refresh existing employees’ knowledge and skills

Certificate Generation

Automatically create and issue certificates to learners upon completion of a course or meeting specific criteria

Customized Notifications

Send customized and targeted messages to learners in group learning courses, conveying course-specific information


Enable the organization and allocation of courses and activities according to a predefined timetable by utilizing the scheduling feature

Scheduling Configuration

Permit administrators and responsible individuals to customize and fine-tune the scheduling parameters to meet certain course requirements and preferences

Automatic Scheduling

Automate the process of scheduling courses or activities based on predefined rules or criteria, streamlining administrative tasks

Course Expiry Setting

Set time limits or expiration dates for courses, ensuring timely completion and encouraging learner progress

Alerts and Notifications

Forward timely notifications and reminders to learners and instructors, keeping them informed about important updates, deadlines, and events

Skill Matrix

Obtain a visual representation or assessment of an individual’s skills and competencies, aiding in tracking and analyzing their proficiency levels in their courses

Overall User Progress

Track training compliance and assess learners’ knowledge and overall progress through a comprehensive view of their advancement and achievements across courses

Skill Gap Analysis

Continuously measure the skills of your workforce, identify skill gaps, and use the insight to customize the learning path

Past and Upcoming Training

Equip users to view and access a record of completed training activities as well as upcoming sessions or courses to stay informed and plan their learning journey

Data Export

Extract and download relevant data or reports from the system for further analysis or integration with external tools or platforms


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