Smart Audit

Audit Management Features

Features that make your audit management efficient and transparent

Audit Ready

Ensure a successful audit outcome and streamline the auditing process.

Digital Audit Records

Customized audit programs with custom built templates to replace paper-based audit.

Offline Auditing

Conduct audits offline in remote or poor connectivity using the offline audit app.

NC Management

Simplify NC management by assigning corrective actions, monitoring them, and providing reminders

Scores and Rating

Quantify audit outcomes with automated score based responses and ratings.

Audit Scheduling

Schedule internal or external audits with scheduling feature, and track them to maintain historical schedule compliances

Dashboard and Reporting

Visualize audit KPIs with our dashboard graphs and reporting features.

Multi Language

Conduct audit in your own language with our multi language support feature.

Improve Compliance Gaps

Efficient audit management feature allows to track and improve compliance gaps

Smart Features

Our software makes the creation of audit checklists simple and powerful. Simply download the excel template, copy and paste the audit checklist, then re-upload to create a digital audit checklist.

Manage non compliance from the audit by assigning to the respective person along with a timeline to close the action. Review and verify effectiveness of the corrective and preventive before closing the non compliance in our application.

Scheduling Capability lets you keep track of one-time or recurring tasks so you don't forget to complete them. As tasks are scheduled, they are automatically added to the assigned user's built-in user's calendar as well as sent by email to be added to their email calendar. Keep a track of the audit completeness by reviewing the audit schedule.

Stay updated on the current and pending actions with the notifications capability. The configurable notification capability lets the user decide when and how a user needs to be notified for which actions by email, sms, or through the in-app notifications.

Manage audit outcome trends with configurable dashboards in graphical forms. With predefined and custom reporting, identify and act on the trends before they become practices. Export the data into excel or graphs for internal communications.

Our custom audit template library covers various GFSI standards for internal audit and gap assessment purposes. Clone from the audit library to make your own audit checklist or modify as per the internal program requirements.

How Smart Audit Works

Move away from paper-based auditing in six easy steps

1. Create Template

Create your own template from scratch or by cloning from the audit library or by uploading an excel checklist.

2. Add Ratings and Scores

Select your audit responses to questions, score, non compliance and rating for the overall audit results.

3. Schedule Audit

Schedule an audit for internal or external sites and assign auditor and auditees.

4. Create Audit Record

Perform the audit as scheduled or required along with audit responses.

5. Assign and Manage NC

Assign users to the non compliances identified during the audit along with closure timelines.

6. Review Trends and Compliances

Review and manage audit trends through Dashboard and custom reporting.

Download Now

Smart Audit Mobile Application supports offline auditing. The application works without an active internet connection and automatically syncs created records when an internet connection is available. Download our free app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store by clicking the link here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an audit management system?

Audit management system helps you to conduct the auditing process smoothly that complies with all the food safety regulations and other policies. It helps businesses to save costs and efforts that are needed in the auditing process.

What does Smart Audit do?

Smart Audit is an Audit management tool which helps users to customize the audit requirements and conduct digital audits. It also allows the users to manage non compliances and reviews trends from the audit outcomes.

Why is audit important in a food supply chain?

Auditing tools allow users to review and verify the current practices are in compliance with the site requirements. Having a multidisciplinary audit team allows the site to identify and correct issues before they become bigger problems.

How can I translate my own audit checklist to Smart Audit?

Our application is capable of transforming any type of audit checklist to digital audit. Use our template creation or upload from excel or clone from the audit library to create customized audit.

What are the benefits of Smart Audit?

Smart Audit application helps in improving food safety and quality compliance gaps by not only identifying those during the audit but also ensure proper inventions into the root cause and closure of the same. Visualize the trends of non compliances before they become practices.

Can I use Smart Audit to train my employees on auditing principles?

Smart Audit allows users to perform auditing tasks onsite. Smart Training module can be used to qualify auditors on auditing principles and let them become auditors in the audit management.

How much does it cost to use Smart Audit?

Our affordable Smart Audit application comes with unlimited users, sites and records at a flat licensing fee. Connect with us today to learn more about the cost benefits of Smart Audit

How long does it take to onboard my entire audit program?

Onboarding fully the Smart Audit Management System can take as less as a week for most customers. However, we continue to support our customers' ongoing process until they are ready to go on their own.

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