Smart Compliance

Compliance Management Features

Features that improve operational efficiency and product compliance

Automate Product Release

Manage your product releases efficiently by automatic comparison against the specification of the product.

Material & Product Verification

Verify both qualitative and quantitative specifications for raw materials and finished products.

Purchasing Document Management

Configure transaction-based documentation requirements and fetch the same from the Supplier.

Real Time Product Compliance

Reduce chances of non-compliances and recalls by getting an automated product release report for large samples

Save Time and Money

Save time and money by reducing material holds and timely release of the products.

Manage Product Non compliance

Track problems in received materials and assign vendor for corrective actions.

Generate Compliance Certificate

Generate the certificate of analysis based on the specification for customers.

Effectiveness Review

Generate product compliance reports based on the defined key performance indicators.

Improved Communication

Communicate effectively with vendors and customers on the product compliance requirements.

Smart Features

Ensure the quality and food safety of materials received from the suppliers by verifying the against specifications. This streamlines the purchasing and product release process.

Review product compliance data by comparing against the specifications digitally and let the system autorelease based on the release configuration.

Configure the product release criteria against each specification parameters and create a qualificable or quantifiable product release process. This can reduce the human errors in manual COA verification and also reduce the release delays.

Smart Compliance increases transparency with suppliers and customers. Share your product compliance information effectively online for better traceability.

Increase the efficiency of the product compliance process with Smart Compliance and manage all your non-compliances at one place.

Generate a product compliance report and review trend analysis of materials supplied by each supplier with our custom reporting feature.

How Does Compliance Software Work?

1. Create Purchasing Requirements

Create your purchasing documentation requirements such as BOL, COA, Packing List, Origin Certificate etc for every material to be sourced.

2. Link Product Specification

Link the product specification and product release criteria to the configuration.

3. Purchase Materials

Send supplier purchase order along with the documentation requirements in the system

4. Review documentations

Review the documents received from the supplier against the product specification

5. Automated Release or Reject

Release or reject products based on compliance configuration automatically.

6. Notifications and Communications

Receive real time notification when there is non-compliance or when a product is rejected.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Compliance software module?

Smart Compliance lets businesses improvise the product release process and reduce product hold times based on an agreed specification.

How does the automated Product Release process work?

The system automatically calculates the compliance of the product based on the updated results which notifies the user that the product is ready for release.

What is Non-Compliance management?

Non- compliance management of products is the monitoring of products deviating from the specification.

What is the meaning of COA Certificate?

Certificate of Analysis (COA) means a certificate from a third-party or internal laboratory describing the results of the laboratory's testing of a sample. It shows that the supplier completed the required testing and that the results meet the product specifications.

What are the key features of Smart Compliance?

1.Automated Product Release
2.Configurable Compliance Requirements
3.Material and Product Analysis & Compliance
4.Compliance Scorecard

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