Smart Docs

Digital Document Management Features

Features that make any quality and food safety management program cost-effective and audit ready.

Document Creation

Create documents with our application either with an online text editor, upload existing documents or link from corporate documents.

Document Life Cycle

Manage document life cycle with multi-stage configurable workflow, version control, and audit log features.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Create, modify and maintain documents to ensure electronic document authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality as per 21 CFR Part 11.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows users to search through documents and by the document's date or workflow status.

Global Quality & Food Safety Standards

An integrated list of global quality and food safety standards enables you to stay up-to-date with your program requirements

Audit Readiness

Keep your program audit-ready with our task management, scheduling, workflow and audit log features.

Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboards and custom reporting enable you to monitor trends and patterns.

Data Backup and Export

Backup your program documents by exporting or downloading to PDF copies

Efficient Document Management

Streamline file organization, accessibility, retrieval, and collaboration with our centralized document management

Smart Features

No matter which quality or food safety standards you follow, our standard configurator provides most global standard checklists. Whenever there are changes to the standard, we update the standard to meet the latest requirements and help you migrate your existing program.

Replace your binders with Smart Doc to demonstrate audit readiness and comply with the audit requirements. Manages all documents in a centralized location for easy search and access with a time stamped audit trail as required by 21 CFR Part 11 Document Compliance. Smart Linking feature provides you with the ability to link policies, procedures, and records to relevant records and references to other modules with one click. No more searching for binders during audits, pass on the

The notification capability lets you configure when and how a user needs to be notified for which actions by email, sms, or through the in-app notifications. The notification configuration can be configured to receive notifications when a document is submitted, Approved, Rejected, or Published.

Scheduling Capability lets you keep track of the document life cycle for review and expiry. As tasks are scheduled, they are automatically added to the assigned users built in users calendar and sent by email to be added to their email calendar. After a scheduled task is completed, the calendar gets updated with the color-coded status. Users can go back in history to review past and future tasks.

Streamline business processes using predefined task management activities such as create, edit, delete, upload, as well as workflow stages such as review, approve, reject, and publish. Manage and
monitor assigned tasks in the My Action tab of our software based on the configured workflow.

Using a date, time, and user name stamped audit trail, our software keeps track of the historical record-keeping activities. Capture every change in the Version Change Log with the capability to log comments.

How Smart Doc Works

Move away from paper-based documents in five easy steps

1. Create Document

Use our text editor to create your own document, or copy and paste text from an existing document. It is also possible to upload or link documents to create the ideal documentation.

2. Add Workflow

Create customized multi-stage workflow such as Create, Edit, Delete, Approve, Reject, Publish and Archive as per the business process requirements.

3. Send for Approval

Documents follow the assigned approval workflow, and the approver gets notified for review and approval.

4. Publish Document

Approved documents are sent to be published as per the business process, and once published, documents are available for the users.

5. Stay Audit Ready

Keep your program requirements up-to-date with centralized document control, task management, scheduling, notifications, and workflow. Digital document transparency and monitoring the program from any connected devices help businesses stay audit-ready.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Document Management Software?

A document management software is a centralized document control system which automates and streamlines document lifecycle management and keeps the program audit ready.

What are the features of document control software?

Migrate your existing document to digital document along with audit log, change control, reversion log, workflow and notifications features.

Why is document control important?

Document control helps reduce errors in documentation. Document control practices are an essential preventative measure for each organization to ensure only approved, current documentation is used throughout the organization, preventing accidental use of obsolete processes or procedures.

Which GFSI schemes your software supports?

Our system has the capability to support most of the Global Food Safety schemes including SQF, BRC, IFS and FSSC.

Can your system support a new quality management system?

Our system can be configurable to any quality management system.

Does the software help in SQF audit?

With the built in SQF Program checklist, the entire SQF audit can be done effortlessly on our platform.

What are the benefits of Document Control Software?

Document Control Software brings digital transparency to the document management process, allows access from anywhere in the world, streamlines the creation, modification, approval and release of documents in the organization.

How does a Document Management System help a company?

Using document management software, you can easily organize paper files electronically, create more office space, as well as save time instead of wasting precious minutes looking for that paper document

How to convert my existing document into software?

Get your existing electronic documents easily within seconds. You can either upload directly or simply copy and paste to our text editor.

Where is my data stored and where can I access it?

Client data is stored in our secure cloud and accessible from anywhere in the world with your secure access.

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