Smart EMP

Environmental Monitoring Features

Features that make Environmental Monitoring Program operational and efficient



Digital Layout and Mapping

Add plant layout, monitoring sites, surface pictures, zones, risk level, criteria and acceptable limits for swab locations.

Scheduling (Planned & Random)

Create randomness or define the sites to be scheduled to ensure proper rotation of the sites.

EMP Process automation

Decrease repetitive tasks by automating the workflow and making the sample collection easier.

Corrective Action Management

Define, assign, and manage corrective actions as needed from out-of-compliant monitoring results.

Built in FDA Listeria Guidelines

Keep up with the FDA Listeria guidelines to manage environmental compliance.

Heat and Harborage Site Map

Visualize your environmental test results to better understand contamination patterns for effective corrective controls.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Smart EMP generates customized reports on demand or according to a schedule of your choice based on real-time data.


Automate and enable workflow for the corrective and preventive actions for out of complaint results.


Reduce unplanned downtime with real-time customized notifications to quickly address deviations

Smart Features

The digital plant layout will give the users a visual representation of the swabbing zones. Users can also place equipment, drains and traffic flow inside the floor layout to easily identify the swabbing locations.

Keep control of your plant environment with visual trends through the Heat and Harborage map and prevent reoccurring environmental contamination based on historical data.

Monitor the environmental risk effectively with routine and random scheduling to ensure all the identified sites are rotated periodically.

The notification capability lets you configure when and how a user needs to be notified for which actions by email, sms, or through the in-app notifications.

Visualize the compliance and monitoring activities of the plant environment in customized graphs in the dashboard. Configure reports of interest and add to the dashboard for better visualization.

How EMP Software Works

Automate your Environmental Monitoring Program with Smart EMP

1. Create or Upload Plant Layout

Upload the floor plant layout or create the layout from scratch using our drag and drop elements

2. Add Swabbing Locations and Risk

Add the locations to be swabbed in the layout along with the specification of zones and risk type.

3. Create Schedules

Create schedules to collect samples either manually or by random scheduling .

4. Generate Labels

Generate and print labels for the sample collection from the plant floor

5. Sample Collection and Tests

Streamline the sample collection process and results update in Smart EMP.

6.Take Corrective Action as needed

Assign predefined corrective actions when there is a non-compliance and schedule for vector swabbing.

7.Analyze and Exports

Review environmental monitoring results in the reporting feature and export to various formats.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an environmental monitoring software, and how can it benefit my organization?

Environmental monitoring software is a tool that collects, analyzes, and manages data related to environmental conditions. It can benefit your organization by providing real-time insights, ensuring compliance with regulations, optimizing resource usage, and enhancing sustainability practices.

Can your environmental monitoring software be accessed remotely or through mobile devices?

Yes, our environmental monitoring software can be accessed remotely through web-based interfaces or mobile applications. This allows you to conveniently monitor and manage environmental data from any location using desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Remote access enables real-time monitoring, alerts, data visualization, and analytics, providing you with valuable insights and the ability to make informed decisions on the go.

What are the key considerations for implementing an effective environmental monitoring system?

Key considerations for implementing an effective environmental monitoring system include identifying monitoring objectives, selecting appropriate sensors and equipment, defining data collection frequency and locations, ensuring data accuracy and quality, establishing data management protocols, and integrating with reporting and decision-making processes.

How can environmental monitoring software improve regulatory compliance for my organization?

Environmental monitoring software improves regulatory compliance by providing real-time data monitoring, automated analysis, streamlined reporting, historical tracking, regulatory updates, and promoting sustainability. It minimizes violations, enhances efficiency, and safeguards your organization's reputation.

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