Smart Farm

Farm management features

Features that make farm management efficient, real time and traceable

Field Mapping

Geotag and map the fields with Google map integration for better visibility .

Crop Management

Apply site-specific treatments to increase harvests based on geospatial data about plant or soil characteristics.

End-To-End Solutions

All your farm management challenges can be addressed using a single integrated solution.

Blockchain-Enabled Traceability

Ensures farm-to-fork traceability throughout the supply chain with enhanced transparency.

Post Reap Management

Manage harvesting, packing, and shipping activities digitally, which can be traced through QR codes

Weather Integration

The location-based weather forecasts will help farmers plan farming practices better aligned with weather.

Dashboard and Reporting

The dashboard displays relevant data to provide holistic monitoring of various parameters.

Agronomist and Grower Portal

Portal access for agronomists and growers improves communication between the two.

Offline Mobile Application

The offline mobile app allows you to capture data offline that automatically syncs when you are back in range.

Smart Features

Integration with Google Map lets users create online field maps with accuracy and preciseness. It also helps with location based services such as weather forecast, soil health, slopes, water sources, and irrigation system requirements.

Manage all aspects of agricultural practices, from pre-cultivation-related preparations to managing crops on the fields, harvesting them, and delivering matured crops with Smart Farm Application.

Track produce at any stage of cultivation, post-harvest, shipping, or packaging. The transparency of the data can be further enhanced with blockchain integration. Stay compliant with FDA proposed traceability regulations.

Configure and install traps on the field, add monitoring schedules and monitor pest activities real time with the trap monitoring features. Take corrective action based on the prefigured action list when pest activities are detected.

Scheduling Capability lets you keep track of one-time or recurring farming tasks so you don't forget to complete them. As tasks are scheduled, they are automatically added to the assigned user's built- in calendar as well as sent by email to be added to their email calendar.

Agronomists and Growers can have their access to the Smart Farm portal with configured roles for better communication and task management.

How Smart Farm Works

Make your farming activities digital with the power of smart technologies.

1. Create Fields

Drag and drop points on the Google Map to create your geo mapped field online

2. Add Crop Production

Add details of crop production operations including pre-cultivation preparations, supervision of crops on the fields, harvest, and delivery of matured crops

3. Capture Pre Harvest Activities

Record all the farming related information from fertilizers, irrigation to crop care through the mobile app

4. Pest Surveillance

Maintain pest surveillance in real-time by monitoring the pest traps installed on the fields and taking corrective actions when necessary.

5. Create Post-Reap Records

Capture post reap activities such as harvesting, packing and shipping of the crop by effortlessly creating and maintaining post-reap records.

6. Achieve Traceability

Traceability feature allow the users to trace back and forth from fields to the fork or fork to the field

Download Now

Smart Farm Mobile Application supports offline record keeping.The application works without an internet connection and automatically syncs created records when an internet connection is available. Download our free app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store by clicking the link here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Farm App?

Smart Farm App lets users manage all farming activities online for better crop management, traceability and meeting various Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) requirements.

What are the key features of Smart Farm App?

Smart Farm not only helps to manage farm activities but the traceability feature in the software provides an embedded QR code during packaging which allows other users in the supply chain to trace the origin of the food.

How can I use Smart Farm in farm automation?

Smart Farm helps you to systematize farming in an optimized manner by managing relevant resources properly through automated agricultural activities from seed sowing to harvesting, and packaging.

Is the Smart Farm app available on Play Store and App Store?

Yes, the Smart Farm app is available on both Play Store and App Store for download for mobile and tablet devices.

How to manage the farming business effectively through Smart Farm?

Our Farm management software helps you to manage your farming business effectively using the following steps
1. Plan which crops are to be planted on specific parts of the field.
2. Our scheduling feature allows you to schedule all the farm activities.
3. Keep track of farm records using our Smart Record Software.
4. Digitizing the farm management helps maintain all the activities efficiently and effectively.

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