Hazard Analysis & Control Features

Features to optimize food safety plans and stay away from hazards


Digital HACCP

Create a digital HACCP plan in no time with our pre-defined templates

Process Flow Diagrams

Built In chart components make it easy to draw and design process flow diagrams.

End-To-End Solutions

Meet USDA, FDA, CFIA, Codex and other regulatory food safety plan requirements with our software.

Hazard Database

Built in customisable hazard database improves hazard identification

Smart Linking

Smart Linking of Hazards and Control requirements to our interconnected modules.

CCP/PCP Automation

Automate CCP/PCP determination based on the customisable risk matrix

Dashboard and Reporting

Monitor compliance and trends with our built-in dashboard and customized reporting.

HACCP Reassessment

Review and reassess the HACCP Plan as and when required or based on the schedule

Customized Risk Matrix

Create customizable risk matrices with our built-in risk templates

Smart Features

Use our built-in standard template or customize your own template to conduct Hazard Analysis in compliance with FDA, USDA,CFIA, and Codex guidelines. Risk assessment is made simpler by our embedded customisable risk matrix. Go digital with your food safety plan with our

Drag and Drop chart component to build your own process flow diagram on the go. Describe process steps, add predefined hazards and controls to the process steps for efficient management of control requirements based on the hazard analysis.

Define and automate the preventive control determination from the risk assessment output in the hazard analysis by defining limits, monitoring activities, deviation plans, as well as verification and validation activities. Link appropriate control measures required from record keeping and operating procedures through Smart Record and Smart Doc modules.

A risk matrix (also called a risk diagram) is a two dimensional table that helps visualizing and quantifying the overall hazard risk. Select from the predefined risk matrix tables or build your own risk grids to determine the severity and likelihood of a hazard. Determine automated preventive or critical or process control points based on the hazard assessment.

The notification capability lets you configure when and how a user needs to be notified for which actions by email, sms, or through the in-app notifications. The notification configuration can be configured to receive notifications when a HACCP plan is Submitted, Approved, Rejected, or Reviewed.

Using a date, time, and user name stamped audit trail, our software keeps track of the historical HACCP plan creation activities over time. Capture every change in the Version Change Log to stay updated with the revisions.

How Smart HACCP Works

Move away from paper-based HACCP plans in six easy steps

1. Choose Standard and Configure Risk Matrix

Build your Food Safety Plan based on predefined food safety plan templates, or customize your own template

2. Create Process Flow Diagram

Based on the site process flow, add process charts from the chart library to create a digital process flow diagram.

3. Add Hazards and Controls

Add hazards and controls associated with ingredients and process steps along with the process description

4. Determine Preventive and Critical Control Points

Preventive and Critical control points determination is automated based on the outcome of risk assessment.

5. Define Monitoring and Verification Actions

Define the monitoring and verification requirements by linking the controls from other smart modules

6. Workflow, Audit, and Revision Log

Keep the HACCP plan updated based on the business process and digital log of every change.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP helps to prevent different types of hazards such as physical, chemical, biological, radiological that might be present in the food supply chain.

How do I create a HACCP Plan on your software?

Smart HACCP is a user-friendly application that enables creating a HACCP Plan by selecting a standard or custom template, establishing a digital process flow diagram, adding hazards and controls, automating control point determination, defining monitoring and verification actions, and maintaining a revision log.

Can your software be application to my own process?

Our software is designed to build a HACCP plan for any industry or process.

What computer knowledge do I need to have to create a digital HACCP plan?

Our application is built to be convenient for users with minimal computer knowledge.

Can the Smart Food Safe team create a HACCP plan for my business?

Our HACCP software already has many pre-built standard templates or you can also create your own templates. However, our food safety experts will also guide and assist you to create the HACCP plan.

How to Configure a Risk Matrix?

Select the two dimensional layout and add the level of risk and the outcome of the combination of the likelihood and severity of the risk to build a custom risk matrix table.

How to add a workflow?

Create your own internal workflow based on who can create, review and approve the haccp plan.

Why choose HACCP software by SmartFoodSafe?

Our application provides an affordable solution for HACCP digitalisation. It minimizes the overall costs and efforts you need to maintain hazard control.

What are the benefits of a HACCP Software?

- Identify, reduce/eliminate the sources of food contaminations.
- Save cost and time on the program maintenance
- Keep your HACCP program audit ready
- Ensure regulatory compliance

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