Smart IAM

Identity & access management features

Facilitate fast, safe, and compliance-ready user account management to secure access and manage all the internal and external users..

User Management

IAM user management allows client admins to manage user access to resources and permissions.

Role Management

Create a custom role or assign a system-defined role to the user for operational efficiency.

Access Control

Manage access control by specifying permissions to business-critical data and resources.

Multi site and Corporate Access

Access multiple sites under a single login for corporate and administrative roles.

Admin Panel

Admin users can configure site specific custom roles and access to meet site requirements.

CCP/PCP Automation

Automate CCP/PCP determination based on the customisable risk matrix.

Master Data Bulk Upload

Import the external users data with the system bulk upload feature.


Ensure data confidentiality by efficient identity management and access control for enhanced security.

Custom Role

Custom role enable organizations to manage site specific access management locally.

Smart Features

IAM provides a highly customizable platform for the clients to configure custom and system- defined roles and access. Create user groups, assign application privileges and control the access to create, delete, edit, and modify.

IAM ensures that specific roles will only have specific privileges and access inside the modules. Allows clients to define roles and access based on policies. IAM provides confidence that only authorized, authenticated users are able to interact with the systems and data they need to effectively perform their job roles.

IAM allows the client to enable and disable users based on the requirements. Account lockouts are also enforced by IAM if incorrect credentials are entered after a set limit.

Manage password reset, expiry and configuration through the password management settings. Make passwords secure and unique by setting longer or complex passwords that require a
combination of letters, symbols and numbers.

IAM allows users to have the flexibility to create login with the registered email, user Id or phone number as login type respectively.

How IAM works

1. Create User

Create new users or bulk upload the existing users list.

2. Assign Role and access

Assign user roles and access to application modules which the user needs to be a part of.

3. User gets notified Login Credentials

System notifies users with the credentials by email or sms notification to the registered email or phone number along with the temporary password.

4. User Sign in and Set Password

Users can log in with the temporary login credentials and create their own password.

5. Manage profile information

Users can modify profile information and change password as needed

6. Access Software Feature

Based on the role, access and module subscription, user would be able to navigate in to the application


Frequently Asked Questions

What is IAM Software?

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management, and helps manage users, their role and access.

What are the benefits of access management software?

Access management allows organizations to configure and manage user roles and link access to the same based on the privileges.

What are the features of Smart IAM?

- User creation
- Profile management
- Password change or reset
- Role creation
- Data security

What types of master data can be managed by Smart IAM Software?

Smart IAM enables management of internal and external organization, users and their access to the application.

How can we manage multiple sites with Smart IAM?

Multiple internal and external sites can be created and users with site level privileges can be restricted to the site.

How much does Smart IAM cost?

Smart IAM comes free to our customers upon subscription to any of our modules

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