Smart Regulatory

Regulatory Compliance Features

Features that help to stay updated with food regulations

One Stop Solution

Stay up to date with all the global regulatory information at a single place that helps you save time and effort.

Centralize Regulatory Data

Smart Regulatory pulls regulatory information from various global regulatory agencies and makes those available in a central location.

Country and Commodity Specific Requirements

Search through advanced filters based on country and commodity specific regulations.

Regulatory Update

Stay updated of global regulatory changes real time through subscription of email alerts based on the keywords of interest.

Searchable database

Find the required regulatory information from regulatory sites i.e. FSMA,FDA, USDA, FSSAI, SFCA, CFIA, EUROPA etc with advanced search features.

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified real time as and when updates are published by regulatory agencies

Improved Visibility

Improve regulatory compliance knowledge and visibility through alerts, updates, notification and dashboards.

Reduce Workload

Become efficient with the regulatory update and compliance needs by staying ahead in the curve.

Risk Assessment Models

Mitigate product regulation compliance risk with Smart Regulatory risk assessment models.

Smart Features

One stop solution for global regulatory compliance information requirements related to the food supply chain.

Our advanced search feature allows users to get the regulatory information for a particular country or specific commodity.

Get notified by Emails, SMS and InApp with customized alerts as per regulatory compliance needs.

Stay updated and be prepared ahead with the ever changing regulatory compliance requirements.

The import feature allows users to add customer specific regulatory requirements to the custom database. Exporting feature allows users to download the predefined search results.

How Smart Regulatory Works

1. Create customized search

Search the regulatory information related to a particular country or commodity specific requirements.

2. Add to favorites

For quick access, add the specific search criteria to the favorites.

3. Sign Up for notification

Register your email or phone number to get notified on the regulatory search results.

4. Get notified

Get alerts for every subscribed regulatory update related to the country of commodity of interest.

5. Visualize Trends

Visualize the regulatory updates through presentable dashboards with reporting


Frequently Asked Questions

What is regulatory compliance?

Every country has regulatory requirements enforced by the regulatory authorities for requirements such as labeling, food safety, allergens etc. Businesses shall follow these to have products in the marketplace.

What is regulatory software?

Regulatory software helps you to keep updated with the latest regulatory standards and requirements and update as and when they change. It streamlines the process of regulatory compliance.

How do you monitor regulatory compliance?

1. Define the product or commodity the business is handling.
2. Identify the appropriate regulatory agency in the country of manufacture or sale.
3. List out the regulatory requirements for the product or commodity.
4. Stay updated with the regulatory changes.
5. Communicate to your team regarding the regulatory changes.
6. Create a proper process to review the compliances.

Is there a penalty for not meeting the regulatory compliances?

Regulatory authorities set the consequences of not complying with the regulatory requirements starting from penalty, product withdrawal to loss of business license.

How can I improve my regulatory compliance?

Smart Regulatory can help improve on your regulatory compliance by identifying the requirements and creating tasks to comply with the same.

What are the benefits of regulatory compliance software?

The failure to comply with the regulatory requirements could result in product recall to potential loss of business license. Smart Regulatory can help in staying compliant with the regulation in the country of manufacture or sell.

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