Smart Specification

Digital Specification Features

Features that streamlines product specification and nutritional labeling.

Digital Specifications

Create and manage raw material, packaging, Work in progress and finished product specification.

Built-In Product Characteristics

Select product characteristics from our built in library or create your own characteristics.

Supplier To Material Linking

Link materials to suppliers for easy and efficient tracking and specification management


Nutrition Facts Labels

Nutritional Labeling creation can be achieved effortlessly through the Labeling feature.

Bill of Materials Linking

Create product recipes by linking country specific materials of choice and recipe tolerances.

Alerts and Notifications

Comply with the product requirements along with regulatory requirements with digital specification.

Dashboard and Reporting

With our dashboard and custom reporting tools, you can monitor compliance and trends.

Global Allergen List

Access country specific allergens with our continuously evolving global allergen database.

Labeling Compliance

Comply product requirements to the local labeling rules with smart Spec.

Smart Features

Create your own customized product characteristics or choose one from our growing product characteristics database to create material specifications.

Smart Specification also helps in creating nutritional labeling which is compliant with the FDA, CFIA and other regulatory bodies.

Create and manage specifications requirements throughout all the stages of the supply chain from raw material, packaging materials, semi finished product and the final product.

Product recipe managed with the bill of materials to add country specific commodities along with the tolerance limit for each of the ingredients.

Link supplier to raw and packaging materials and customers to the finished product for efficient and easy specification management.

Product development workflow with specification control allows food processing businesses to ensure the ingredients and specification from the raw material stage to finished product stage.

How Smart Specification Works

Move away from paper-based specification records in five easy steps

1. Configure Specification Layout

Select your own product specification configuration by enabling the appropriate sections

2. Add Specification Characteristics

Select product characteristics from our library or create your own characteristics

3. Create Specification & Label

Add qualitative or qualitative product characteristics to the specification along with the compliance tolerance.

4. Workflow and Audit Log

Manage the specification approval and release with the configured workflow

5. Print or Share

Generate printable product specification to be shared with your customer and supplier


Frequently Asked Questions

What is specification Management software?

Specification Management Software is a centralized system that helps food companies to manage ingredient and specifications parameters throughout the entire supply chain within the organization and outside the organization.

What Smart Specification does ?

Smart Specification digitalises product or material specification by adding the product characteristics requirements along with qualitative and quantitative tolerances. This improves communication between the customer and suppliers and improves product compliances

How to create a product specification in smart specification?

Based on the product specification requirements, select from the global characteristics and add tolerance to the same from the list of Physical, Chemical, Microbial and Nutritional characteristics.

Can I create a nutritional label if I do not have the nutritional parameters ?

Our software has an integrated product database to select from for the nutritional parameters which helps in creating regulatory compliance nutritional labels.

Can I use specification software to increase label and packaging accuracy?

Smart Specification helps food companies to manage the labeling accuracy through automation in ingredient printing. The software helps to print the same ingredients information that was recorded during the manufacturing process thereby increasing the label and packaging accuracy. (sugg)

How to manage ingredients and formulation?

Add recipe information by linking the raw materials to the finished product along with the formulation and tolerance in our application.

Why is specification management critical in the food industry?

Specification management helps to maintain specifications and ingredients of a product accurately throughout the product cycle automatically that stops any occurrence of errors thereby saving time and money.

How much does the Smart Spec license cost ?

Our software is based on very affordable subscription fees. Connect with us to learn more about our pricing and cost saving options.

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