Smart Supplier

Supplier Management Features

Features that streamlines supplier approval and performance evaluation process

Supplier Risk Assessment

Automated supplier qualification process based on country, commodity, and supplier-specific risk.

Approval and Performance

Customized approval and performance Checklist and Document list for objective vendor qualification.

Supplier Engagement Portal

Improved supplier engagement through supplier portal for approval and performance requirements.

Approval Scores & Ratings

Develop risk-based Vendor qualification through configurable score and ratings.

Improved Communications

Configure alerts and notifications to keep suppliers informed with the actionable items.

Non Compliance Management

Manage supplier non-compliances effectively through the supplier portal.

Dashboard and Reporting

Visualize Supplier status and performances via custom filters, graphs, and analytical reports.

Alerts and Notifications

Efficient communication through customized Email, InApp and SMS notifications.

Cost Savings

Save on time and money with the supplier management process with centralized and automated Supplier approval processes.

Smart Features

Develop your own supplier risk assessment based on configurables checklists and quantifiable responses. Manage non-compliances through the portal for effective resolutions. Continually monitor your suppliers performance through customized performance evaluation criterias.

Stay compliant with audit requirements with the power of a centralized vendor document management feature. Our portal provides real time visibility to document expiry and notifies vendors to update documents close to expiry or expired.

Supplier performance scorecards can be configured to provide a proper visualization of supplier risk for assessment and approval justifications. Additional conditions of approval to mitigate the risk can be added to the vendor qualification process to suppliers with identified risks.

Provide real time access to suppliers during the qualification process and vendor management process. Suppliers can provide food safety controls, product specification, certification documentation and updates as and when they expire.

Define supplier reassessment criteria and schedule with the scheduling capability of Smart Supplier. Reassess vendor risk with the predefined criteria as per the schedule and maintain approval status updated in the portal.

The notification capability lets you configure when and how a user needs to be notified for which actions by email, sms or through in-app notifications along with the actionable item.

How Smart Supplier Work

Manage supplier qualification and documentations in five easy steps

1.Define Approval Requirements

Define and create the approval requirements in the form of checklist

2. Add Qualification Requirements

Add scoring to responses and ratings to evaluate supplier

3. Create Supplier Records

Assign a approval record to the supplier and supplier gets notified to complete the same

4. Completing Assigned Record

Supplier completes the record and the record follows the approval workflow

5. Review and Approve

Reviewers evaluate the responses and make approval decisions based on the scores and rating

6. Supplier Reassessment

Supplier performance and reevaluation is done as per the scheduled frequency and criterias


Frequently Asked Questions

What is supplier management?

Supplier management is managing the supplier requirements and approval process to ensure compliance to qualify a supplier in the organization.

What does supplier management software do?

Smart Supplier consolidates supplier data, documents, and streamlines workflows to ensure real time compliance with vendor qualification criteria and requirements.

How can Smart Supplier Management software benefit your business?

Our software streamlines the supplier approval and management process, and improves supplier compliance and performance, enhances supplier visibility and reduces the time and delays with the qualification/onboarding process.

How to define Smart Supplier requirements for approval?

Easily create dynamic templates just by adding your required documents and questionnaire to the custom checklist. You can also add scores and grades to qualify a supplier based on a score based on responses.

How to approve a supplier in Supplier Software?

Supplier approval records can be assigned to the suppliers to complete, once completed reviewed by the customer and approved based on the qualification criterias.

How to configure scoring and rating?

Create your own response types, assign a score or penalty to each response and define a qualification rating or grade to a normalized percentage score. The system would automatically grade the supplier based on the schoosen responses.

What types of suppliers can we approve of in Smart Supplier?

Smart Supplier allows users to configure unique templates for different types of approval requirements. No matter which industry or process you have, our application can fit your requirements.

How can I download my supplier reports?

Our application allows you to download to excel or upload a supplier approval record from excel. Our reporting also allows users to download various supplier scorecard reports in excel, pdf and graph formats.

How can I manage supplier performance post approval?

Create supplier performance monitoring criterias in the form of a checklist and evaluate supplier performance based on the schedule. Reassess, disqualify or continue working with the supplier based on the performance results.

Is Smart Supplier affordable and how to get started?

Our affordable software not only improves the supplier management process but also helps companies save on the cost of the supplier approval. Contact us to get started with your digital smart supplier module in as soon as a week of implementation time.

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