Smart Training

Learning Management Software Feature

Features that simplifies and  improve employee training program compliances

Course Creation

Create training courses with our drag and drop course creator or from our existing course library.

Self Learning

The Self Learning feature allows employees to complete the assigned training at their own pace and comfort.

Group Learning

Group Learning feature allows trainers to conduct and assess training completion for a group of trainees.

Training Skill Matrix

Visualize employee skills and competencies through the training skill matrix.

Improved Communications

Build interactive onboarding training tailored to each position within the organization

Refresher Training

Retrain employees based on the refreshing schedule or when the training objective fails.

Dashboard and Reporting

Gain insights on employees’ learning progress with our built-in dashboard and customized reporting.


Schedule your hiring and refresher training and stay on top of the training compliances.

Training Library

Select training courses from our growing library of predefined courses.

Smart Features

Content creation has never been easier with the drag-and-drop feature. Create visually appealing content by adding elements, layouts and Q/A. Configure the course settings at the end of the course creation process for a modern learning experience.

Content can be created either from scratch or cloned from our growing industry specific prebuilt training library.

Gain insight into employees training performance, as well as identify their strengths and proficiency in different areas through the built in skill matrix. Review training compliance and determine training areas of improvements required by the organization.

Schedule, Assign and Manage training requirements with self learning and group learning options for different groups of employees. Customized notification helps keep employees on track to the completion due dates.

Scheduling Capability lets the business organize current and future training events. As training sessions are scheduled, they are automatically added to the assigned users built-in app calendar as well as sent by email to be added to their email calendar. Users can go back in history to review past and future tasks.

Streamline your business training process with customized workflow such as Create, Review and Approve Course and training completions. Manage and monitor assigned tasks in the My Action tab of our software based on the configured workflow.

How Smart Training Works

Six easy steps to move away from traditional classroom training

1. Create Course

Create content for courses easily by dragging and dropping elements or using our pre-built training library.

2. Add Course Settings

Configure the course settings and Q/A Requirements to the course completion process.

3. Schedule training

Schedule Self or Group Learning and deadline for the course when to be completed.

4. Launch Training

Employees launch and complete the training course as scheduled

5. Training Evaluation

Training completion follows the course evaluation and workflow when configured

6. Monitor Training Skill Matrix

Review and manage training completion and employee skills through the skill matrix

Download Now

Smart Training app helps to conduct as well as participate in Corporate training assigned to users. Skill matrix and course assessment can be accessed via the Training Log section. Download our free app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store by clicking the link here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is training management software?

Training management software is a web-based application that helps businesses to onboard and train the new employees and customers as well about the organization, products and other information.

Who can be trained using the Smart Training Software?

Smart Training not only helps to train the employees only but it helps you to train all other external parties as well from customers and suppliers to other supply chain partners.

What are the benefits of a learning management software?

A training management software helps businesses to automate the employees training and retraining process. It reduces the workload and burden for HR managers and other department managers.

Why is Training Management Software so important?

Training management helps to make the employees more productive with effective on job knowledge through training and reduces the workload of training managers.

How to create a course using Smart Training Software?

One can create a course either using drag and drop features or from the training library. You can add questions, test papers, videos, infographics and other resources in a course to make the training powerful and effective.

What is Self Learning and how does it complete a self learning training?

With the self learning feature, training is assigned to a user in the application. The user gets notified and launches the course to complete at his/her comfort and pace.

How does group learning work?

A trainer and a group of trainees are assigned to the group learning on a scheduled date and time. The trainer conducts the training and collects trainee responses as the training continues through interactive Q/A configured to the course. At the end of the training, trainee feedback is evaluated to generate training completion log, training certificate and gets updated to the skill matrix.

What is the difference between LMS and TMS?

Training Management Software and Learning Management System are being termed interchangeably. However, TMS is being designed with main focus to the corporate managers but an LMS is designed for learning management perspective.

How much it cost to have the subscription of the Smart Training?

Our transparent and affordable licensing fee helps companies of any size to get started with Smart Training. The cost benefits of increase in employee productivity with proper training outweighs the subscription cost.

How do I get started with the Smart Training Module?

Connect us to get started with your digital transformation of the training module in a week time or less.

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