Smart Visitor

Visitor Management Software Features

Features that make visitor management  process welcoming and efficient

Contactless Check-in

Contactless Check-ins with smartphones helps following covid protocols and protecting visitors and employees safety.

Digital Training & Agreements

Visitor access, training and agreements are captured digitally to meet the site requirements

Customized Look & Feel Design

Personalize the visitor app with your own brand name and logo.

Photo & ID Capture

Enhanced security by capturing visitor photo and ID at entrypoint to authenticate their access.

Two-way Communications

Communicate with your guests through the app and assist them as required.

Pre Registration and Recurring Visitors

Pre Registration of new visitors and one click Sign In of recurring visitors.

Visitor Reports

Visualize Audit KPIs with our Dashboard Graphs and Reporting features.

Employee Directory Integration

Employees directory integration to the visitor app allows easy synchronization of the host list.


Our App speaks the visitor language with multiple language selections from the configuration.

Smart Features

Allow visitors, contractors, service providers, and employees to have a contactless check-in using the software. Visitors who enter the facility can use their mobile phones to complete the visitor details, which generates a QR code and an electronic pass. They can sign out by just scanning the QR code.

Create your customized Digital Visitor Pass or Print through the connected printer. Share your scheduled visitor with their electronic pass for smooth and efficient check in and check out. Visualize visitor details and access while they are onsite through the visitor badge.

Create and configure visitor training, confidentiality agreement or any other site specific health and safety requirements through the Visitor app. Track and monitor visitor training completion records to
demonstrate compliance to the site requirements.

Customized notification through Email, SMS and WhatsApp lets the host and visitor communicate effectively for scheduled meetings, training completion, arrival and exit from the site. In-App bell icon notification helps in managing all notifications in a centralized location.

Schedule your visitors on site beforehand with pre-filled visit information. Notify your visitors with visiting instructions and directions to the site. Never forget a scheduled visit with the power of integration of scheduled meetings with various email calendars.

Digital visitor log helps you keep track of visitors and their compliance with the site requirements. Reporting feature allows the generation of various reports based on the search criteria such as Evacuation List in the event of emergency, Visitor Training and Visitor Agreements.

How Smart Visitors Works

Make your visitor management smarter  in six easy steps

1. Customize Branding

Customize the interface with your brand name and logo

2. Configure Visitors Application

Configure the application with site specific visitors training and agreement requirements

3. Visitors Sign In and Sign Out

Visitors sign-in through visitor app or through contactless sign-in options.

4. Visitors Training and Agreement

Visitors follows the training and agreement requirements

5. Visitors Badge

Visitor badge is generated digitally or printed and the host gets notified

6. Visitors Log and Analytics

Monitor and Manage visitors onsite through the log, reporting and analytics

Download Visitor App

Smart Visitor App lets the site manage visitors, contractors and employees sign in and sign out onsite. Download our free app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store by clicking the link here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visitor Management system?

Visitor management system helps to manage visitors flow from scheduling a visitor to screening and managing a visitor providing a hassle free environment in managing the information of visitors.

How do configure my visitors management process?

Our step by step process helps users to configure and customize the visitor app to bring their own branding to the application.

What kind of notification options are available?

You can get the important alerts via Email, SMS and WhatsApp and in the software’s notification bell icon.

Can I use the application for a roll call in the case of emergency?

Smart Visitor can be used to evacuate the visitors in case of emergency.

Can I schedule a visitor meeting in advance?

Visitor management is a cloud based application that allows you to check on the availability of the hosts and schedule a meet in advance accordingly.

What is contact less sign in?

Contact less sign helps visitors check in digitally with features such as QR code making the whole process contactless.

What are the benefits of a Visitor Management Application?

Visitor Management on site becomes efficient with any human interaction to meet the site specific health and safety requirements.

Can the visitor application be used in any office or business environment ?

Our visitor application can be used in any business environment no matter how small or big they are such as Offices, Corporates, Restaurants, Factories, Warehouses, Schools, Industries etc.

How much does it cost for the Visitor application ?

We offer an affordable and transparent cost model for any size of the business. More importantly, the cost saving by not having a dedicated receptionist to manage visitors would provide return on the subscription fees.

Is Smart Visitor a digital receptionist for iPad?

Smart Visitor App is available for all types of devices from mobile to iPad and the software is available for desktop as well.

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